Tuesday, December 29, 2009

peace out holidays

its really funny re reading all your blogs. things change so fast and you really don't even notice or remember things that got you here.
i found the blog after the night of our first girls pizza night. that was an incredible string of nights that lead to an amazing year of love and learning. its just so hard to not look back. but i have plenty more nights and plenty more learning to do.
christmas was better than expected, well, i was better than i expected. i think it is, as i am sure it is for a lot of people, hard not missing people you wish were here to spend the holidays with. i spent christmas eve with the 2 most important people to a friend who died over a year ago. it was so hard not wishing she was there, but i know she would have been so happy to have brought us closer. and an empty house that once was not, a lonely place on christmas night. but i made it through and in a few days the holidays will be over and i can start a new year.
my new years resolutions... well, i don't know i guess. nothing specifically, but a million little things. maybe i need a list, i do love a good list.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

little boxes

I love when I get super excited about something and I dive into my closest to dig through random paper scraps, stamps and pictures searching for the thing that will express it just right. And the words fly around in my head and I rush to document them before I forget. And I can't decide which song to listen to, so I have to listen to them all. And there I am, middle of my mess, screaming the lyrics to some hardcore song. I LOVE THESE NIGHTS!
Blah blah blah... and your words were the inspiration.
"It couldn't have been made more clear"
future tattoo
future r.votolato song

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cha cha changes

Last night Cynthia(new room mate) and I rearranged the living room. Our goal was to make it more cozy and get the TV out of the fireplace so we can make fires this winter, for ambiance, not heat. I am sooo excited for how it turned out that I have to share pictures.
If you have never been to my house you do not yet know of my obsession with color coordination in each room of my house. I am a weirdo I know, but I love my house. I mean, look at it!
And last week I built a fireplace screen out of 2 old windows, which match the ones hanging in the picture window of my kitchen.
Entryway rearranged complete with my favorite record player and pink Xmas tree. You can see my Damask etched windows in the kitchen in the back ground, amazingness, I know.
Last week I spent 2 nights making Xmas cards, 3 if you count the one I spent cutting and printing my lino block for them. I am really happy with how they turned out, mostly I am happy to have spent time working on art again. Although it was a little lonely it gave me some thinking time, not sure it got me anywhere, but the cards are cool.
Well that is my exciting weekend of creativity and motivation. I am off to watch the Sandlot and wrap and work on presents. Peace out.

the small things

I don't know if its the lack of spare time, the weather, or the fog in my head that has drained me of my art motivation lately, but it is safe to say it has cleared. The down fall is that I missed the time frame to design another ski for Moment and have been really down on myself for not getting things done. The up side is that all the hard work at my job has paid off and I have officially been promoted to "E-commerce Manager". Where my mind fits into all this, I still have no idea. Seems like the fog clears just long enough for me to over analyze some other random nonsense. But whatever, I AM EXCITED AGAIN!
Today me and Sarah May went antiquing for Xmas gifts and while I did find some things for other people, most importantly I found some things to make me happy. Not to mention the Xmas gift from Sarah to me; a set of glasses with gold numbers in circus font. AMAZING!

I decided I wanted to buy myself a nice big ring and I found just the one. It is big, and pretty, and I cant stop looking at it. On the way out of the Antique Mall I spotted the most amazing Gold Seagull necklace which I couldn't live without, not for only $3.

The most exciting find was an old letterpress type face box, which after I saw Sarah's all completed for the first time, I decided I needed. Both being Joseph Cornell fans, it makes sense why we have an obsession to make small, 3-D, boxed art.

The box is not complete and will change often with my flighty OCD, but here is the start. (And look how great it goes with all my favorite pictures).

It is mostly things I have found or made that are pretty or mini inside jokes to myself.
*Things I found today include house photo, lures and white seal.

*Top to Bottom -Deer and shells, "389" match book piece, smooshed coin, key, button, paint swatch, old house photo from antique mall, Kinder Egg wooden Mouse.

*Top to Bottom - Seal and Shark, "R" type key, Queen Domino, Paper Cranes, vintage fishing lures.

*The deer Sarah May gave me with shells from my first time shooting.

*A smooshed "I Love You - Reno" penny from last winters photo field trip with Sarah May.
An old key from a jar.
A hand made button by ADA.
A green paint swatch "Wheat Grass".

I have recently realized how important the smallest things are to me and how I have only a few people in my life that really get that. It is putting feelings into perspective for me, and whether that is a good or bad thing, time will tell.