Tuesday, October 28, 2008

whoa nelly

seems like i am pretty good at starting things then moving on...so back to the blogging!

i am winding down from my 3 days off work, a little catch-up-on-life vacation. and well, i may just feel more overwhelmed than 3 days ago. my problem with having time to do things is i just end up finding more things i want to do. i did get a bit of work done that i have been putting off and i did spend some bday cash. (lets not speak of the bday). ok lets do...

i turned 27 last week and for some odd reason while you are taking shots it always seems a good idea to take more. so 2 hours later and 8 shots, 4 beers in, the vomiting began. lucky for me i had liz, sarah and pizza guy to hold back my hair and remind me to not puke on my shoes. thanks guys! so i think i may need to cut back on the drinking for a bit, i feel like i am using it as something i should not be. but maybe i just like the taste of pabst!

back to my 3 days off...i spent the better part of sunday (a beautiful reno fall day i may add), on the roof with sparky (my step dad). i had some holes that needed fixing and since i no longer have a man around he gets to help me out, lucky guy ;) it was really nice, as it always is when we fix things, just chatting the two of us. i really lucked out in the dad department by getting a best friend as well.
i spent monday with pizza guy doing, well nothing, which was pretty much amazing. (whats that movie that says something about being comfortable enough to just shut the fuck up for a while?) anyways, it was really nice just sitting on my floor sewing and knowing someone was in the room.
and today i spent thinking i wanted to shop then realizing, not so much. then working and hanging with rukus. *rukus had a tumer removed from his paw last week (thankfully it was not cancer), so he has been not too happy lately.
so now i am pretty tired from my 3 day vacation and want to climb into bed with someone cuddly, i'm guessing it will be rukus.
i have been taking new photos, mostly for the skis i am designing for Moment, you can see them on the myspace. also i have been making a lot of random art, finally, which has been amazing. art i have really missed you.
ok, i am now rambling and need to sleep....see you soon