Monday, June 30, 2008

check list for summer

i say a lot of things, make a lot of plans that i don't go through with. lately i don't have much in the way of spare time, but i am dissapointed that all i do when i'm not working is work. so here is my check list of things i have to do at least once this summer:
1. the clubhouse birth
2. sit on porch with my twinkle lights on hanging out and chatting
3. back yard bbq at my new house
4. park bbq on bikes
5. river bike rides, reunite the bike gang
6. go the the south lake waterfalls
7. eat at the beacon in south lake
8. skateboard at night
9. there are more but i don't remember right now...
to be continued!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

just another friday night

or not
i had been thinking this week how my summer hasn't really started. all i have been doing is working and i'm ok with it, but i feel like i should get a little summer too.
so last night was perfect, it felt like the summer i had wanted

things i did last night that were amazing...
ate cheap pizza washed down with cheap beer outside with good friends
harassed a dishwasher
hung out at a bar i find myself at a lot lately, but haven't hung out at since 2004
saw some good old friends and heard "it is so good to see you" a lot
socialized with strangers
met someone who should have been at my best show ever
...and my favorite part...
pretty good night. good friends. good conversation. and best friend necklaces

thanks ladies!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I heart the library

this may sound really stupid but i love the library. i never really went, at least not on my own will, mostly for school only. i actually just got a new library card this year, and hadn't had one since maybe middle school.
so today i go to pick up a book i was holding, "don't sweat the small stuff for women", and checked out the movie section, yes they have movies too! i picked up a hank williams movie and a street car named desire. so as i am walking out of the library with my movies and book i just feel so fulfilled, and they are free! maybe this part should have come first, but another thing i love is that i can go online and hold books, its sort of like shopping, and then they send the books to my favorite library. i sort of got addicted to that last week. and my favorite library is sierra view. i love that old shopping center, maybe because i spent a lot of time there as a kid, theres just something that feels so familar and safe about it. it makes me want to get a book and sit in the little table and chairs and hang out eatting a sandwich, i hope to do this at some point when life settles down.
so this all may sound total stupid to most people because unlike me you didn't just discover the library, but to me, the place is amazing.

oh and then i got home to my package of things i ordered from modish, and boy they are amazing!

here is a new polaroid...
these are my very first, very own sweet peas. i have always wanted to have sweet peas in my yard and lucky me, my house came chalked full of them! and right next to this batch, honeysuckle!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


lately i have been feeling so out of touch with my life because i am working so much. i just go tmy head on straight and have had some amazing times out with friends but right now feel like all i want to do after my 13 hour day is be at home. i have some big plans and big changes coming this summer and i want to be able to share them and this seems like the best way.
so welcome to my blog, my first, we will see how this goes...