Friday, May 14, 2010

Long awaited house tour: room 1

These are the little parts of my home that make me the most happy. It has been a long hard struggle over the last few years, but I am here and loving it.

Gold Frame Wall: Photos of my family, hung salon style, in gold thrift store frames. This will be a life-long work in progress as I find more pictures and frames.
Bedding: Cover I made to match the Deer pillow Sarah made me. Which then led to new sheets to match that....this is how I am, what can I say?!
Painted Suitcase by Anthony: On the back there are 2 little pen hearts drawn by whatever kid once owned this thrift store find. Anthony never liked this piece, so I figured taking it when he moved out was ok. I love it.

Rib Cage by Sarah: This was to match my room when it was solely orange and lime. A gift from my best friend on my 27th birthday.
Pabst Sign: Another gift from my 27th birthday; this one from Ray. I love the gold and the font.
Tina Anderson art: The most I have ever spent on art, and I have never regretted buying it. I love the colors, the strokes, the feeling it give me when I look at it and wish I was her.
Type Box: Since I saw Sarah's filled with randomness, I wanted my own. It is full of little things, memories and inside jokes. I always think I will take things out and put new things in, but I never do. I can never decide what should come out.
Books: That i either like, like the look of, or like the idea of.
Cameras: My first camera, a Miranda 35mm bought in high school and broke (yet to be fixed) in college. My Polaroid Land Camera which is one of my favorite cameras.
Mix Tape: Made for me when I as 19 or 20 by a boy friend. It was my first real hip hop music and I keep it around even though it no longer plays because I like the memory of it.
Photos: My low rider bike after it was put back together after its new paint job. One of my favorite days ever. My mom when she was a baby.
Art: A type/Polaroid piece I did about a year and a half ago when I found myself in a new, totally different relationship. It is one of my favorite things I have written.

Dresser: I found this on the side of the road between my house and my folk's. It had been left, mid renovation with a sign that said "free". At first I only found a few of its handles, but mid paint I found the rest under one of the drawers. I plan to have this dresser forever.

Radio: My dad was finally dumping it after years of use. I remember it in every garage we lived in. It doesn't work well, so I have stopped using it, but I love looking at it. The wood casing, knowing it has been in our lives for so long.
Polaroids: Some of my favorite, most featured in my zines.
Button Box: When I was a kid in New Zealand, my grandma would let me play with her button box when I would visit. I would organize them by color, shape, ones I liked. I was OCD about order at an early age it turns out. She gave it to me a few years before she died. I still dig through it sometimes and picture sitting on her hallway floor. The way it smelt there, how the carpet felt.
Old photos: Here I have multiple pictures of my grandpa when he was young. Such classic photos.
Zines: My slowly growing zine collection. I don't have a ton but I love each one.
Tomato Jar: This was my grandma's. I remember where it sat in each of her houses. It now holds 2 rose picture nails that I have yet to use because they must hold the most perfect picture frames and I have not found such to suit yet.
Cats: These 2 ceramic cats sat next to my grandma's front door for as long as I can remember. I hauled them all the way from NZ terrified of breaking them. My room is themed around them, the color. The glass case's sole purpose for being in my room is to hold them safely. They are one of my most prized possession.
More Cameras: 2 more Polaroid cameras. I seem to collect them. But I do use each one so that makes it a healthy habit.
Old Reader's Digest Books: Anthony was using them for art at one point so we started collecting them. I just love the colors and the type so I keep them in different places in the house.

RECORDS: Yes, that was supposed to be in all caps. I love my records. Each one has a memory attached to it. A time I listen to it. A purpose. Lately I listen to "Harvest" by Neil Young for multiple occasions; art making, rainy nights, sad nights, pretty much always.
More Poppa Pictures: One of him in the army. This same picture always sat, framed, on top my grandparents TV. And one of him as a kid in a gold frame.
Polaroids by Sarah: She sent me these photos of the farm she live on in Oregon. Now that she lives in the same town as me, I put more value on the things she use to send when she did not.
Wooden Mushroom Magnet: This was also my Nana's. It sat on here fridge back in NZ. It always caught my eye when I was younger.

On a Wire: This is where I hang things I want to look at or remember. It always seems to have a theme ranging from "family" to "pretty things" to its current theme of the art made with feelings that I want to remember having.

Well, I hope you enjoyed room one. More to come, slowly.

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